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Raw Agility – A Monthly Live WebcastCategory: Raw Agility 2022-02-14
My team/organization is just starting to use agile principles. The team consists of a few business analysts that support three development teams by fleshing out requirements. I’m new to the team and the first product role in the organization.We currently have issues limiting work in progress and getting colleagues to commit to deadlines. My experience with Scrum is extremely positive and I’d like to get our team using scrum principles. Currently Kanban is used and Scrums is viewed with trepidation.Could you highlight a few limitations of kanban-only processes, and how you see scrum as an effective way of working?Thanks,CJ
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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How do you implement scrum in a data analytics team, where each team member is working on a use case and each one have their own goals?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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How much can you Scrum be adapted to meet the needs of the organsiation?
134 views1 answers2 votes
is SAFe considered agile ?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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Is it difficult to be a scrum master if the Product Owner doesn’t understand their role and how have you dealt with this in your projects?
ResolvedKenneth Brown asked 3 years ago • ,
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In your experience, how do you measure your success as a Scrum Master?
ResolvedLeonardo Allegrini asked 3 years ago • ,
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If your engineering manager is adamant not to take new requests since we have already developed major feature ,but our product owner is like you will have to develop the new asks/requests …?How do we deal with situations like this ?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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i recently became certified as a PSM. i work in an IT org who hasn’t yet adopted scrum. i work on a portfolio management team and one of our initiatives is to convince and guide the leadership to adopt a full agile/scrum transformation. i am on a personal mission to equip the teams with scrum values and scrum principles in small ways with every interaction. What i’m up against is a culture that works with a project mindset not a product mindset. the leaders and stakeholders are more concerned with meeting due dates and overlooking the importance of quality and speed of delivery. what advice do you have?
ResolvedBlake Garibaldi asked 3 years ago • ,
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Your views on cross-functional vs temporary SME, as well as technical-orientated team members vs business-orientated team members within in a Scrum Team? Note: temporary SME is also in-line with question above about Scrum Team utilization.
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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What is the goal of a Scrum of Scrum?Who should be the active participants in a SoS?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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What is your advise if you start to manage a project that the team is performing Scrum “Zombie” is not using well the scrum framework (events, cerimonies, etc)
ResolvedFabio Hajdu asked 3 years ago • ,
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what is the next step of scrum master in his career path ?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
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How do you handle break fix work amongst Scrum Teams? Do you reserve sprint points for that work? The company has no desire at this time to create a break fix team.
ResolvedJennifer Maycroft asked 3 years ago • ,
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