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Does have sense to do t-shirt sizing to know what should be done over the next months when we are in a quarterly PI Safe?
ResolvedAnonymous asked 7 months ago
54 views1 answers1 votes
Why "time spent merging code between branches" and "time spent context-switching" are considered "Ability To Innovate" metrics instead of "Time-To-Market" metrics?
ResolvedValenti Alessio asked 6 months ago
52 views1 answers1 votes
I entered as a developer in the middle of a project, however, I realized that the previous development team accepted stories that were not possible to solve with the curreny tools. Any recommendations for developers in order to protect us from these situations?
ResolvedEmmanuel Cruz asked 7 months ago
27 views1 answers1 votes
I work with a Scrum team where the developers know that they are a self-managing team and they get to determine the format for the Daily Scrum. They want to change their daily scrums to be a daily chat on Slack, rather than a Zoom meeting. How do you feel about that?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
40 views1 answers1 votes
I'm a SM within Scrum team that is developing an MVP. The organisation requires it to be delivered by a certain date and we feel we need extra people in the team to deliver it in time due to the number of stories we have. What's the best approach to upscale and train additional team members quickly?
ResolvedRob Foster asked 7 months ago
31 views1 answers1 votes
If you identify that team is on loose ends in Sprint Review,what could we do as an SM to bring the pace ?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
54 views1 answers1 votes
Is there a benefit to a Project Manager being SCRUM certified?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
36 views1 answers1 votes
What do you think about non-dev roles in scrum? Do we need bussines analyst, solution architect or quality assurance according to your experience? There are a lot of opinions which say that we dont need such roles in SCRUM. Thanks!
ResolvedGabriela Gheorghe asked 7 months ago
42 views1 answers1 votes
What role as a servant leader does a Scrum Master ideally should play in terms of Project Management, Release MAnagement and overall delivery
ResolvedGayatri Desai asked 7 months ago
39 views1 answers1 votes
re-estimation (click to vote)
Should we re-estimate items at any time/\\\\”status\\\\” (except \\\\”Done\\\\”), like for example \\\\”In progress\\\\” or \\\\”In test\\\\”?
AnsweredAnonymous asked 7 months ago
70 views1 answers1 votes
We are supposed to adopt Scrum, but behind we do not have a product, but a project and its deadlines. What to do in this case?
AnsweredAnonymous asked 7 months ago
63 views1 answers1 votes
Alternatives to Velocity (click to vote)
I heard Velocity and Story Points are not the ideal way to go, but never saying what is better. What would be better alternatives?
AnsweredAnonymous asked 7 months ago
79 views1 answers1 votes
Should teams working on the same Product Backlog have the same estimation scale (1, 2, 3, 5, etc.)?
AnsweredAnonymous asked 7 months ago
60 views1 answers1 votes
Is it ok to change estimation scale every now and then?
AnsweredAnonymous asked 7 months ago
64 views1 answers1 votes

What is the difference between Co-Active coaching and Coaching?

AnsweredValenti Alessio asked 6 months ago
74 views1 answers1 votes
Agile's principles revolve around "sustainable" and "continuous" but within Scrum, what would your response be to a team that believes it needs an "off week" between sprints for developer-driven testing, documentation, etc.?
AnsweredAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
61 views1 answers1 votes
What is the difference between an Agile Manager and an Agile Leader?
Resolvedjohnjohn asked 3 months ago • ,
36 views1 answers0 votes
We are using US in our sprints, the team verifies the US complies with INVEST and has an acceptance criteria however for some reason,the Dev Team does not want to test each US and wait for the whole MVP, I think there is something wrong hereHave you had this situation some time? How did you find a solution?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • ,
54 views1 answers1 votes
Any tips for implementing scrum for teams that are service/operational teams who's resources are shared by the product development teams, or are business/user research teams who create and send work to those dev teams?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • ,
78 views1 answers2 votes
as scrum master, i got confused how to be more effective with high performance team?sometimes i feel my role is not mandatory to the team
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • ,
71 views1 answers2 votes
Any suggestion how to deal with companies in transition, which try to put everything they deemed to be done into the PBL instead of having the Product owner make the choice?
ResolvedHeinrich B�rhausen asked 7 months ago • ,
67 views1 answers2 votes
Do we really HAVE to use Story Points ?? if so, what's the best way to use 'em? Thanks!
ResolvedSubha Narayanan asked 7 months ago • ,
57 views1 answers2 votes
Being a new certified Scrum Master, do you habe a suggestions how to address job adverts where the companies ask for some years of experience?
ResolvedHeinrich B�rhausen asked 7 months ago • ,
46 views1 answers2 votes
Can you share best practices for managing/utilizing team members working on multiple (not connected) projects, helping the DevTeam to increase it's velocity.
ResolvedJovan Jelicic asked 7 months ago • ,
45 views1 answers2 votes
Going on the what and the how. Is feature delivery valuable? The Product owner comes up with the feature, the developers create stories to complete said feature. Or is this to driving?
ResolvedBryan Pearson asked 7 months ago • ,
48 views1 answers2 votes