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How to split a product into several one when the former product relies on the same already existing common “code base”?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 9 months ago • , ,
78 views1 answers2 votes
Our SCrum team considers a good practice to have a know buffering (measured) for unknown items that could occur inside the sprint and are accepted by the team. Is that a good practice?
ResolvedJimena asked 9 months ago • , ,
87 views1 answers3 votes
Agile Coach (click to vote)
Can you give advice for finding a Agile Coach? What qualifications should we be looking for?  And what department should the Agile Coach report into (e.g. IT, Product, PMO, etc.)
OpenMaria Tacadena asked 7 months ago • 
49 views0 answers0 votes