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Breakfast Retrospective: Where Are We With All This Change?

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I was facilitating a coaching session for a software team recently, and one of the members of the team posed a very intriguing question: “How is everyone else responding to this COVID-19 thing?  I mean, things are settling down for me and my husband finally, but it seems my neighbors are going on with life like nothing happened.”  After some thought, I responded, “That’s a great question!  Let’s find out.”  

I created a new free, virtual event for the purposes of sharing your experiences with the community.  No heavy agile concepts.  Just a discussion to enhance your day, and hopefully leave with a shared understanding.  I want to keep the size of the discussions small, so I will add more sessions as needed.  

Let there be no doubt – change has affected all of us lately. We had no choice. We had to respond to it, and we all responded differently. After all, responding to change is one of the two purposes of Agility. So how did we handle the other purpose – obtain feedback rapidly? How did we self-organize? And most importantly, what have we learned from this experience, and how will we move forward?

Our Breakfast Retrospective will allow you to collaborate with others in the community to share your experiences to the epidemic that we are all experiencing now. We will break into small groups to share what has happened, where we can move forward, and what changes we think our new culture will bring. This event is designed for everyone, from those new to agile to those who make it a part of their every day lives.

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