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What is the goal of a Scrum of Scrum?Who should be the active participants in a SoS?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
101 views1 answers2 votes
What is your advise if you start to manage a project that the team is performing Scrum “Zombie” is not using well the scrum framework (events, cerimonies, etc)
ResolvedFabio Hajdu asked 3 years ago • ,
173 views1 answers2 votes
what is the next step of scrum master in his career path ?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
129 views1 answers2 votes
How do you handle break fix work amongst Scrum Teams? Do you reserve sprint points for that work? The company has no desire at this time to create a break fix team.
ResolvedJennifer Maycroft asked 3 years ago • ,
216 views1 answers2 votes
How can we handle this situation as a scrum master-> My team is new and taking more than few sprints to come up to spead (no one to guide the team technically, due to technical competencies, new environment, etc.). I as scrum master is trying to help the team fix these slowly and steadly, however the management is looking for results and so do the clients. Any different way of dealing this scenario?
ResolvedJadheer MK asked 3 years ago • ,
93 views1 answers2 votes
Also, I am on a project helping a telecom company to implement Scrum, however, the development theam is new to Scrum and they want to make use of a hybrid framework where they use a waterfall approach for deliverables but Scrum tools to manage the project. This has generated confusion in the team and directly affects the Sprint Goal results. Any recommendation?
ResolvedEmmanuel Cruz asked 3 years ago • ,
142 views1 answers2 votes
What’s the best way to facilitate a team through Scrum sprints where they do not know how to use Scrum (or not very well)? Should we train people first or try and teach as we go, for example? Again, for non-developer teams.
ResolvedChris Lowe asked 3 years ago • ,
183 views1 answers2 votes
Remember the time you started as scrum Master, how did you convince you first teams that you’re the right person in place?
ResolvedHeinrich B�rhausen asked 3 years ago • ,
117 views1 answers2 votes
Hi! Would you share your experience with SAFE, scaled scrum? What could be the key points for transformation?
Resolved??? ???????? asked 3 years ago • ,
133 views1 answers2 votes
What would you advise for. a team which don’t want to work in an agile way – context – sprint after sprint the team still work the same way
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
168 views1 answers2 votes
How does People leader work with either PO or SM role?
ResolvedJennifer Maycroft asked 3 years ago • ,
109 views1 answers2 votes
Our clients are out of IT world, they don’t know Scrum. So is it possible to apply Scrum when the client is not up with it?
ResolvedGergana Ivanova asked 3 years ago • ,
101 views1 answers2 votes
How to split a product into several one when the former product relies on the same already existing common “code base”?
139 views1 answers2 votes
"Agile salaries" (click to vote)
In Scrum every Sprint may be the last one, so how can internal or external workers have undetermined contract time?
ResolvedAnonymous asked 2 years ago
100 views1 answers2 votes
If you find the estimation useless/waste, what would be a better approach?How would you track progress, and predict amount of work that can be completed?
ResolvedJovan Jelicic asked 3 years ago • ,
102 views1 answers2 votes
Our SCrum team considers a good practice to have a know buffering (measured) for unknown items that could occur inside the sprint and are accepted by the team. Is that a good practice?
ResolvedJimena asked 2 years ago • , ,
138 views1 answers3 votes
What is the difference between Co-Active coaching and Coaching?
OpenValenti Alessio asked 2 years ago
108 views0 answers1 votes
Why “time spent merging code between branches” and “time spent context-switching” are considered “Ability To Innovate” metrics instead of “Time-To-Market” metrics?
OpenValenti Alessio asked 2 years ago
93 views0 answers1 votes
In your experience, have you worked with team(s) which at some point didn`t need coaching (scrum mastering) anymore?
Resolved????????? ????? asked 3 years ago • ,
120 views1 answers2 votes
Can you share your experience on release notes done good vs bad, and include a few tips on engaging the entire team to contribute?Should it be done along the Sprint, or prior to the Sprint Review?
ResolvedJovan Jelicic asked 3 years ago • ,
118 views1 answers2 votes
When dealing with a company appointed Product Owner, that isn’t well educated in Product Ownership, best advice to start without causing a rift bewtween the buisness and the dev team?
ResolvedGarit Sullivan asked 3 years ago • ,
171 views1 answers2 votes
What do you think about using Scrum in an environment where things changes a lot and its hard to mantain focus or there´s no stable teams?
ResolvedMarcelo Paiva asked 3 years ago • ,
128 views1 answers2 votes
Can you more elaborate what empiricism is?
ResolvedRichard Gonzales asked 3 years ago • ,
164 views1 answers3 votes
How do you start switching your specific discipline team to a multidisciplinary team or T Model. Estimation of a User Story as a whole Dev Team is getting complex due to these different point of view and we end up estimating by Dev, QA, Design….,
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 3 years ago • ,
130 views1 answers3 votes
How do you get more out of teams in retrospectives? Teams can sometimes be guarded in their responses. Being transparent doent always come naturally to people
ResolvedJoana Kercyku asked 3 years ago • ,
128 views1 answers2 votes