Jun 11, 2020    
12:00 pm EDT - 1:00 pm EDT


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Customers demand quality in the products you deliver. Yet increasing quality usually also means increasing the time needed to create that quality. You and your people need to know about testing, and the how, what, when and where about testing. Suddenly, all this testing becomes overwhelming! You start considering automating your testing efforts because of the magnitude of work and resources consumed from testing. Sometimes, though, those efforts fail, and you might even consider scaling back testing times because your product teams can never find enough time for testing. So in this world of increasing volatility, how do you implement a successful automated testing strategy?

The key – start now! Join us in this community session to share stories of implementing automated testing strategies. You will also learn that automated testing is not simply automating code, or selecting the right tools. Your teams need to implement the right principles and practices. Implementing the right automated testing strategy will even flip the curve of complexity into a flow of continuous value for your customers in a world that continues to become more complex.


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