Play With Docker: The Perfect Agile Discovery Tool

Apr 28, 2020
6:00 pm EDT - 7:00 pm EDT  [Convert to your local time]


  •  Beginner
  •  Intermediate

You might have heard of Docker, and might have even spun up some containers on your machine and played around.  However, did you know there is a Docker tool online that you can use to create your own temporary sandbox — without loading the host environment on your machine?

This virtual workshop will introduce you to the online tool, Play With Docker which unleashes the true power of a Docker-in-Docker containerized environment.  We will show you the resources that are available online (including some labs created by the creators), and also demonstrate why a tool like this fits perfectly with an agile mindset.  You will also get an opportunity to spin up some test environments of your own using the tool.  This workshop assumes a general understanding of containerized environments, however, no special software is required to participate in the workshop.


This event is fully booked.