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What would you advise for. a team which don’t want to work in an agile way - context - sprint after sprint the team still work the same way
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • ,
75 views1 answers2 votes
How does People leader work with either PO or SM role?
ResolvedJennifer Maycroft asked 7 months ago • ,
61 views1 answers2 votes
Our clients are out of IT world, they don't know Scrum. So is it possible to apply Scrum when the client is not up with it?
ResolvedGergana Ivanova asked 7 months ago • ,
53 views1 answers2 votes
How to split a product into several one when the former product relies on the same already existing common "code base"?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • , ,
85 views1 answers2 votes
"Agile salaries" (click to vote)
In Scrum every Sprint may be the last one, so how can internal or external workers have undetermined contract time?
ResolvedAnonymous asked 7 months ago
74 views1 answers2 votes
If you find the estimation useless/waste, what would be a better approach?How would you track progress, and predict amount of work that can be completed?
ResolvedJovan Jelicic asked 7 months ago • ,
47 views1 answers2 votes
Our SCrum team considers a good practice to have a know buffering (measured) for unknown items that could occur inside the sprint and are accepted by the team. Is that a good practice?
ResolvedJimena asked 7 months ago • , ,
86 views1 answers3 votes
In your experience, have you worked with team(s) which at some point didn`t need coaching (scrum mastering) anymore?
Resolved????????? ????? asked 7 months ago • ,
67 views1 answers2 votes
Can you share your experience on release notes done good vs bad, and include a few tips on engaging the entire team to contribute?Should it be done along the Sprint, or prior to the Sprint Review?
ResolvedJovan Jelicic asked 7 months ago • ,
71 views1 answers2 votes
When dealing with a company appointed Product Owner, that isn’t well educated in Product Ownership, best advice to start without causing a rift bewtween the buisness and the dev team?
ResolvedGarit Sullivan asked 7 months ago • ,
78 views1 answers2 votes
What do you think about using Scrum in an environment where things changes a lot and its hard to mantain focus or there´s no stable teams?
ResolvedMarcelo Paiva asked 7 months ago • ,
85 views1 answers2 votes
Can you more elaborate what empiricism is?
ResolvedRichard Gonzales asked 7 months ago • ,
72 views1 answers3 votes
How do you start switching your specific discipline team to a multidisciplinary team or T Model. Estimation of a User Story as a whole Dev Team is getting complex due to these different point of view and we end up estimating by Dev, QA, Design....,
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • ,
89 views1 answers3 votes
How do you get more out of teams in retrospectives? Teams can sometimes be guarded in their responses. Being transparent doent always come naturally to people
ResolvedJoana Kercyku asked 7 months ago • ,
84 views1 answers2 votes
How do you properly staff when you have 2 programs that will have different levels of requirements over a 12 month period sharing the same group of 26 development teams? Basically a program to develop applications on a new platform and a program to continue supporting applications on the existing platform. Is it ok to have teams move between programs every few sprints, for example, based on demand? It’s not possible to dedicate X number of teams to each because the requirements for the new platform are not yet well understood, so a work in progress.
Resolvedscott fawcett asked 7 months ago • ,
108 views1 answers2 votes
Where a team is using Scrum but the team members are all working on disparate items is there value in doing Scrum and how does one set a Sprint Goal?
ResolvedAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago • ,
103 views1 answers3 votes
Agile Coach (click to vote)
Can you give advice for finding a Agile Coach? What qualifications should we be looking for?  And what department should the Agile Coach report into (e.g. IT, Product, PMO, etc.)
OpenMaria Tacadena asked 6 months ago • 
51 views0 answers0 votes
Our scrum team adds enough work to keep the developers busy during the sprint but we are always rolling over due to the QA not being completed. How do we get out of that cycle? If we reduce what we put in the sprint, then Devs may be looking for work mid sprint.
ResolvedMaria Tacadena asked 7 months ago • ,
106 views1 answers8 votes
How do you respond to a business where the requirements change (which is fine…we embrace change), but too soon before a sprint starts. So, we cannot possibly refine, understand and estimate this new change in time for sprint planning…yet most of the time these changes are labeled as the highest priority work? This comes from a Product Owner primarily, feeling like I am forcing work into the Development team and needing to put in 12 hour days to stay ahead.
Openscott fawcett asked 7 months ago
76 views0 answers1 votes
However the Dev Team has User Stories defined which complies with INVEST Criteria and have acceptance criteria, they prefer to test all Users Stories when MVP (minimium valuable product) is achieved. That could be counterproductive with having an increment at the end of the sprint., Have you had any situation like this? Thougths?
OpenAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
72 views0 answers1 votes
How do you help the Dev Team come up with estimates for the business to make decisions without a lot of the details.
OpenAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
25 views0 answers1 votes
I am wondering if they are speaking of CD, often with a kanban approach of constraint control
ClosedTim Williams asked 7 months ago
29 views0 answers1 votes
How do I make the official move to becoming a SCRUM master with no prior experience other than a PSM1? (Specifics appreciated!) Thanks John for an amazing course!
OpenAnonymous Attendee asked 7 months ago
27 views0 answers1 votes
How much emphasis should be placed on measuring the efficency/delivery output of the team by means of burndown charts, sprint reports etc? The team is performing well, but there is a pressure from upper up to report such metrics.
OpenSteve Kuht asked 7 months ago
21 views0 answers1 votes
How to do scrum when the company operates in a V-cycle and the IT department has a different operation and takes care of the development of all the Product owners on the AMOA side
ClosedElhadj Doumbouya asked 7 months ago
28 views0 answers2 votes