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What role as a servant leader does a Scrum Master ideally should play in terms of Project Management, Release MAnagement and overall delivery
OpenGayatri Desai asked 2 years ago
33 views0 answers1 votes
What do you think about non-dev roles in scrum? Do we need bussines analyst, solution architect or quality assurance according to your experience? There are a lot of opinions which say that we dont need such roles in SCRUM. Thanks!
OpenGabriela Gheorghe asked 2 years ago
33 views0 answers1 votes
I entered as a developer in the middle of a project, however, I realized that the previous development team accepted stories that were not possible to solve with the curreny tools. Any recommendations for developers in order to protect us from these situations?
OpenEmmanuel Cruz asked 2 years ago
22 views0 answers1 votes
How to do scrum when the company operates in a V-cycle and the IT department has a different operation and takes care of the development of all the Product owners on the AMOA side
ClosedElhadj Doumbouya asked 2 years ago
31 views0 answers2 votes